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Marvel LEGO Birthday Party

Hi everyone! It has been some time since I've posted anything. It's been a little hectic with my "grown-up" job, cleaning up our backyard for the last 3 weekends-ugh, getting sick-double ugh, and planning both of my son's birthday party. My son's birthdays are twenty-three days apart-so far enough to celebrate them separately, but because my littlest is still young (2yo), I figured I could try a joint birthday party before they hold it against me. They are exactly 2 years apart, so they are starting to like different things, my youngest (Leo) loves trains and Mickey Mouse, while my oldest (Ian) is now a BIG boy, who likes big boy things. Luckily they both love blocks, LEGO, Duplo, etc. (but honestly who doesn't love building blocks??). They also love Marvel characters. Ian loves Iron Man and Leo loves The Hulk. So I had my theme! Woohoo! After looking through Pinterest in search of birthday ideas, I was kinda shocked to see that LEGO theme wasn't as pop…